Millencolin - Dragster tab

The Melancholy Collection
Guitar: Mathias Farm & Erik Ohlsson
Tabbed by: Pastelito HxC...Marcelo Riffo

Ok...itīs been a while since I make my last tab, so maybe this isnīt that
good, this millencolin song is really cool and it represents a %100, what
Iīm feeling now, "Iīm not a guy with muscles, Iīm a guy with brain", thatīs 
all I got to say to you.....Elisa. letīs go with the tab.

start the bass, then drums and get in the guitar.

Guitar 1: Erike[-------------------]b[-------------------]g[--------7777-------]d[---5/4--7777-5/4---]a[--------5555-------]E[-------------------] pm
Guitar 2: Mathias( guitar shut up while the other makes its part)
Chorus I guess: Both Guitars: Just 1 guitar makes this Finishing the chorus:
then the intro/verse and chorus again and after that guitar 2:
Guitar 1:
e[---15-14---------] (repeat ir till the end)b[---------15------]g[------------14---]d[-----------------]a[-----------------]E[-----------------]
Thatīs all thanks.
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