Millencolin – Blackeye tab

Artist: Millencolin 
Song: Blackeye 
Album: Punk-O-Rama Volume 6 
Tabbed By: Craig Sauers 

Ok there are two different possibilities for the openong riff. You decide 
which one sounds right. 

------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -----4----4----4--------------------- --------------------55-44------------ --22---22---22---22------------------
------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -----7---7---7----------------------- -----------------55-44--------------- ------------------------------------- --77--77--77--77---------------------
verse 1 (I'll give you the chords you figure out the rhythm)
------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- --4-----7--6------------------------- --X--5--X--X------------------------- --2--X--5--4------------------------- -----3-------------------------------
chorus (again I'll give you the chords and you figure out the rhythm) Riff 1 is played during the chorus and for the rest of the song after this chorus.
------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- --4-----7--2------------------------- --4--5--7--2------------------------- --2--5--5--0------------------------- -----3-------------------------------
End on B
----------- ----------- -----4----- -----4----- -----2----- -----------
Sorry that this is all I gave ya. But I didn't feel like writing the rhythms and order of all the chords. Just tinker with what I gave ya. It's correct. Since this is the only tab I've seen of this song... ENJOY! This song is awesome. It's some great old-fashioned punk rock.
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