Milow – You Dont Know tab

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sometimes everything seems awkward and large imagine a Wednesday evening in march future and past at the same time I make use of the night and start drinking a lot although not ideal for now it's all that I've got it's nice to know your name an ocean a lake I need a place to drown let's freeze the moment because we're going down tomorrow you'll be gone you're laughing too hard this all seems surreal I feel peculiar now what do you feel do you think there's a chance that we can fall you don't know you don't know you don't know anything about me what do I know I know your name you don't know you don't know you don't know anything about me anymore I gave up dreaming for a while I gave up dreaming for a while I've noticed these are mysterious days I look at it like a jigsaw puzzle and gaze with wide open mouth and burning eyes if only I could start to care my dreams and my Wednesdays ain't going nowhere baby baby baby you don't know
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