Milow - The End chords

The End  Milow  Capo 5th 

Intro: Am G Am  C G Am  F Am F Am Em  Am

Am G AmLover there's something I should
C G AmConfess I've been misunderstood
F Am F AmI really fucked up it doesn't make sense
Em AmI've got no choice but to accept the consequence
Am G AmMama there's something I'd like
C G AmTo tell you before they arrive
F Am F Amin a couple of hours at the first light of day
Em AmSome men will come and take me away
Am G AmSister don't weep it's my fault
C G AmThat I will die before I'll get old
F Am F Am Now I just wish that I could shed my skin
Em AmAnd sneak away from the mess that I'm in
Am G AmFather give me back my grace
C G AmThe end is a time and a place
F Am F AmWhere certain people will be rewarded for perfection but a liar
Em Amlike me will be consigned to the lake of fire
Outro: Am G Am C G Am F Am F Am Em Am
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