Milow – You And Me tab

Artiest: Milow
Song: You and me
tabbed by Coubernardi

Capo on 6th fret

Chords used:
F    133211
Am   x02210
G    320033
C    x32010
Em   022000

F Am G C    x2

Verse 1
   F          Am    G       C
I wish you smelled a little funny 
F         Am     G     C
Not just funny really bad 
F         Am        G        C
We could roam the streets forever 
F          Am        G        C
Just like cats but we'd never stray 

Verse 2 F Am G C I sometimes wish you were a mermaid F Am G C I could raise you in the tub at home F Am G C We could take a swim together F Am G C On weekly daytrips to the bay
Het eerste deel speelt de tweede gitaar op het C akkoord van 'home'. Het tweede stuk valt samen met 'together' en 'bay' pme|-------------------|-----------------|B|----1--3--1--3--1--|-----------------|G|-------------------|-----------------| x2D|-------------------|-----------------|A|-------------------|----2-2--3-------|E|-------------------|-----------------|
Refrain F Am G C Ooooooh, you and me F Am G C It would be only you and me You and me
Verse 3 I wish you were a little bigger Not just big but really really fat Doors you would no longer fit through In my bed you would have to stay
Na 'bigger' met pme|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------| x2D|------------------|A|----2--2--3-------|E|------------------|
Verse 4 I often wish that you had feathers I'd keep you in a giant cage All day long I'd sit and watch you And sing for you if it would be okay Tweede gitaar speelt dit:
e|--3--3--3--3--|-------------------|B|--1--1--1--1--|----1--3--1--3--1--|G|--------------|-------------------| x3D|--------------|-------------------|A|--------------|-------------------|E|--------------|-------------------|
Refrain F Am G C Oh Oh, you and me F Am G C It'll be only you and me F Am G C Ooooh, you and me F Am G C It'll be only you and me F Am G C F Am G G
Het eerste stuk spelt de tweede gitaar na de 2de en derde zin van het refrein.e|------------|-1--0------------------------------------1--0--------------|B|---3p1p0----|--------1--3--0--1---0-1p0---------------------1--3--1--0--|G|------------|----------------------------2p0----------------------------|D|------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|A|------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|E|------------|-----------------------------------------------------------|
Bridge Em Am People say F G There are plenty of fish Em Am In the sea F G Baby, all I do I wish No chords I wish, I wish I.. Verse 5 F Am G C I wish you were a little slower Not just slow but pa-pa-paralyzed I could put you on a socket And you could never run away
e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------| x2D|------------------|A|----2--2--3-------|E|------------------|
'palm mute en enkel de bassnoten worden gespeeld.' Verse 6 I really wish that you were smaller Not just small but really really short So I could put you in my pocket And carry you around all day Refrain Oh, you and me It'll be only you and me Oh, you and me It'll be only you and me It'll be only you and me
'het eerste stuk 3 keer spelen'e|-1--0----------------------------|-----1--0-------------------|B|--------1--3--0--1---0-1p0-------|--------------1--3--0--1----|G|---------------------------2p0---|----------------------------|D|---------------------------------|----------------------------|A|---------------------------------|----------------------------|E|---------------------------------|----------------------------|
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