Mimi And Richard Farina – Reflections In A Crystal Wind tab


   Song Title: Reflections In A Crystal Wind
   Artist: Mimi & Richard Farina
   Album: Reflections In A Crystal Wind (1965)

                G                                  C            G 
   If there's a way to say I'm sorry, perhaps I'll stay another evening
                         C         G            (D)      G      (G6) 
   Beside your door, and watch the moon rise inside your window 
                    G       (G6)        G       (G6)          G      
   Where jewels are falling and flowers weeping and strangers laughing
                               D   C    G  
   Because your dreaming, that I   have gone.

   2nd Verse:
   And if I don't know why I'm going, perhaps I'll wait beside the pathway
   Where no one's coming and count the questions I turned away from
   Or closed my eyes to, or had no time for, or passed right over
   Because the answers would shame my pride.

   3rd Verse:
   I've heard them say the word forever, but I don't know
   If words have meaning, when they are promised in fear of losing
   What can't be borrowed or lent in blindness or blessed by pageantry
   Or sold by preachers, while your still walking your separate way.
   4th Verse:
   Sometimes we bind ourselves together, and seldom know
   The harm in binding, the only feeling that cries for freedom
   And needs unfolding and understanding and time for holding 
   A simple mirror with one reflection, to call your own.
   5th Verse:
   If there's an end to all our dreaming, perhaps I'll go
   While your still standing, beside your door, and I'll remember
   Your hands encircling a bowl of moon stones, a lamp of childhood
   A robe of roses, because your sorrows were still unborn. 

   Note: The song's original key is F# - I moved it up a half step 
         to the key of G - The G6 in parenthesis is optional and you
         can substitute a C or D chord as well for harmonic variation
         over the static G chord. 

    Reflections In A Crystal Wind
    Among the winking metaphors imprisoned in a shifting breeze,
    you come to sense your lovers need for freedom, the question in 
    her step, the calling of her folded hands.
                                                     Richard Farina

    Transcribed by Jackie Don Loe
    Dallas, Texas - May - 5/21/04 

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