Mims - Big Black Train tab

                        MIMS - Big Black Train

Ugh Ugh Ugh 

Shortie Wanna Ride, Dont Worry Bout A Car
                 Fm                   F#m
Cus U Can Take A Ride On My Big Black Train 
Ill Scoop You Up, Wherever That You Are
                Fm                     F#m
From Under Your Mans Arm Hes Just That Lame 
And We Gon Be Rollin Rollin Choo Choo Chooin 
Ny Atl La Houston
Now all The Lil Shorties, Like He Got Game
                  Fm   F#m                 Hm
They Beggin For A Riii-ide On My Big Black Train

[Verse (Rapping Over The Same Chords)]
Now Some Like Whips And Some Like Chains 
But Her She Got A Thing For That Big Black Train
Not Just A Metaphor To How Im Ridin On Tracks
From Up North To Down South Wit Niggas Ridin In Lack's
Since I Dropped I Got The Whole World Ridin Ma Back
To Much Chit Chat Is He Back Pack Or Is He Gimmicky
Lyricaly Hes Sick He Know The Ring Of Remedys
Jealousy Breathes Envy Got Alot Of Enemys
Shorties I Probly Wife I Keep Alot Of Those Too
Bitches All In My Pockets I Know Alot Of Hoes Too
Ill Yellin All Aboard They Takin Off They Clothes Too
You Tryna Figure Why And I Already Told You
Most Chicks Is Infatuaed With All My Vocals
Niggas Hate In The Hood Cus Im No Longer Local
All Around The World Got Ladies Screamin Ma Name
And For What They Lookin For A Ride On My Big Black Train


I Aint Got Spinners Im A Winner By Nature
I Cant Stand A Broad Thas Just Into Ma Paper
You Find Me In The Club Sippin Henny No Chaser
If I Dont Hit It Now I Bet Im Hittin That Lata
See When I Swing Thru The Bling I Bring Thru
Brightin Up The Room Turnin Everything Blue
And Everything New Is Everything New
Cant Choose To And Everything You Aint Used To
Now Have You Eva Seen A Nigga Lay His Game Down
Hop Off The Leer Jet Come Thru And Bring The Train Round
Im Just Playin With The Game See Its A Shame Now
They Say Im Cocky Since Industry Know My Name Now
But Now Its Back On Board See Off To My Train We Go
Check A Id Make Sure That This Thing Legal
She Gave Me Head Crack And I Aint Talkin Bout Cee-Lo
I Hit Her Same Day Man Thats Word On Ma People

[Chorus: x2]
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