Mindless Self Indulgence - Backmask tab


e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|5--58-8-13--13-10|D|5--58-8-13--13-10|A|3--36-6-11--11--8|D|-----------------|Hate all the people you love....
e|----------------|B|----------------|G|5x5x8-----------|D|5x5x8---6x6x3---|A|3x3x6---6x6x3---|D|--------6x6x3---|Destroooooy. Always destroy
e|-------------|B|-------------|G|5---6-5------|D|5---6-5------|A|3---4-3------|D|-------------|Destroy. Yourself
And that is the song in its completion [minus the arrangement; but if you know the song; can work it out innit xD]. after the second chorus there no guitar so... yeah; short it be; this is the whole thing =D
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