Mindless Self Indulgence - Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim tab

Mindless Self Indulgence
Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim 
Tabbey By Donkey Fly

Chords A E G C D Ab5 B5 Bb5 Eb5E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--2---1--4---5---7--6---------------8------------------------------------|D|--2---2--5---5---7--6-----9-----8---8------------------------------------|A|--2---2--5---3---5--4-----9-----8---6------------------------------------|E|--0---0--3----------------7-----6----------------------------------------|
You keep playing the chord to thecorrect rhythm pattern till the next chord, or stop where i put '*'. hello james, hi, i'm calling and interested in seeing if, um, i don't know, if you book this band, um, that band, um, mindless, um, was it mind... senseless... mindless... - uh whatever, you know what i'm talking about A E me like to go down to the church and drink some holy water but i don't like it... the priest don't like it A * but me can't seem to help it A sail away - oh - away - oh E you live me life free like a birdie cause me like to sing me likes what me do A and me can't seem to help it G i went to the zoo and saw some monkeys i went to the zoo and saw some monkeys today C * i saw the giraffe but he didn't make any sound C * sometimes me bad... oh, i forgot the words... um... A * A* A* A* oh - we all going on a field trip - a field trip - a field trip - a field A* A* A* A* A* trip - a field trip - a field t-trip - a field trip - a field trip - a field trip C Mr. Lonie is gonna be the true G G* Mr. Harry, he drives the van E G C G sometimes me bad... eat me dental floss C G C G E pull him... pulling Jesus from the cross - touch me thing E C A sing somebody stole my Amy Grant records today Ab5 A Ab5 me think me turn 22 today D Ab5 A E will somebody get me a present cause I turn 22 today A* G* but they're not as pretty as Barbara Mandrel A* C E then the milkman came - the milkman came and he took them fish A* A* he took them fish now me crying - me crying B5 C B5 A A the milkman make me cry... then the mailman came E G A G E drag me pee-pee on the floor G E hide me sandwich in me drawer G E the... hit my head against the door this is some kind of dream A me likes to go down to the park E and take them nuts from them squirrels and... you know what? E A G A G time is... it's the closet for me - the closet for me A E G it's so dark me cannot see A G A G* it's the closet for me - the closet for me G* Mr. Harry said that will teach me No, I don't want to do the special olympics one C D my friend's the seat on my toilet C Bb5 and he always seem to shout at me G D D* oh, mister, don't you pee on me G D when I'm sitting it's a totally different story G Bb5 then he doesn't seem to play me mind G D D* A* C* G* he's not afraid of my fat behind Eb5 Bb5 G and on the unfortunate occasion Eb5 A G when I miss the bowl and pee on him Eb5 Bb5 G lets me off with a smile and a warning Eb5 A G don't do it again... That's it , it was hard that and took quite a while to get right so it better be added..... thanks
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