Mindy Smith - Edge Of Love tab

Capo:1, in E  4/4 time

                  ___________x_____              _________________
                  _______x_____x___              ___________0_____
    Each chord:   _____x_________x_              _____1h2_____2___
(except Esus      ___x_____________      Esus:   ___2___________2_
 and Esus2)       _________________              _________________
(B=bass note)     _B_______________              _0_______________
                   1 . 2 . 3 . 4 .                1 . 2 . 3 . 4 .

                  _____________0____    (Chords)(u=up,d=down)
                  _______________2__     Strum = u du udu
         Esus2:   _____1h2__________             1&2&3&4&
                   1 . 2 . 3 . 4 .

Chords used:

Esus- 022200Bsus- 024450E7- 020100A9- 002200
C#m- 046654D- 057775B5- 024400A- 007650
Am9- 007604A6- 007670
Add9- 007605D9- 000230________________________________________________________________
"EDGE OF LOVE" Introduction: Esus Esus2 Esus Esus2 Verse 1: Esus Esus2 Esus Esus2 The edge of love, like a knife Esus Esus2 B5 B5 Shimmer, shines, when it hits the light Esus E7 A9 A9 Just like that, it'll change a life C#m D C#m And it makes time stand B5 Esus Esus2 It makes time stand still. Esus Esus2 Esus Esus2 The edge of love, here I stand Esus Esus2 B5 B5 Feels like sky, where there should be land Esus E7 A9 A9 I want to fly, want to take your hand C#m D C#m B5 Esus Esus2 And just let time stand, just let time stand still. Chorus: (A) (Am9) (A) The weather's fine, whoa (Am9) Esus Esus2 Maybe i'm your leap of faith (A) (Am9) I know it's right (A) (Am9) Esus Esus2 Cause youre my amazing grace B5 D9 Esus Esus2 And you make time stand still. Break: (A) (A6) (Am9) (Aadd9) (Bsus) (Bsus) (D9) (D9) Esus Esus Repeat Chorus: Ending: Esus Esus2 Esus Esus2 The edge of love, the only way Esus Esus2 B5 B5 Just give it all for heaven's sake Esus E7 A9 A9 And when we fall, God will keep us safe C#m D C#m And that's when time stands B5(d) E(d) And that's when time stands still. www.mindysmith.net
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