Mineral – Love Letter Typewriter chords

Love Letter Typewriter
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G/B - x2xx03
C - x32010F - 133211
C/E - 032xxx
Am - x02210G - 320003
G/B-C-F-C/E- x4 Verse 1:
G/B C F C/E Summer
G/B C F unfolded
C/E G/B C like a
F C/E G/B C F C/E tapes----try
Verse 2:
G/B C F C/E And you
G/B C F C/E were there as
G/B C F C/E G/B C F C/Eyou have always been
Interlude: Am--C-- x2 Verse 3:
G/B C F C/E Their hair
G/B C F C/E glowing where the
G/B C F C/E G/B C F C/Esky meets with the trees
Verse 4:
G/B C F C/E Air
G/B C F C/E G/B softly crowing
C F C/E G/B C F C/Esinging fears to sleep
Am C F G Am C Will you ever know how
F G Am F G/Bmuch I love you for that?
C F C F C Will you ever know
F C(hold)how much I love you?
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