Ministry - Filth Pig tab

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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 23:50:39 -0800
Subject: ministry-filth

 drop-d tuning

 here's the main riff :

------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------| -----3-----3------------------------------------------| --0--3--0--3--0---------------------------------------| --0--3--0--3--0---------------------------------------|
the change (i guess the chorus):
------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------| -----3-----3--1---1-----------------------------------| --0--3--0--3--1---1-0---------------------------------| --0--3--0--3--1---1-0---------------------------------| this is the part where Al screams "Filth...Pig !!!!!"
questions,comments,suggestions,or if u just want to talk about music, email me at ( the third 1 is a one, not an l like the other two are. :)
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