Ministry – Stigmata tab

Ministry - Stigmata
 - from "The Land of Rape and Honey"
Tabbed by Xeno (

Standard Tuning, EADGBe


Riff A: B5 B5 B5 D5|-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||--4--4--4--7-------------------------||--4--4--4--7-------------------------||--2--2--2--5-------------------------||-------------------------------------|
Riff B: B5 B5 B5 D5 F5|-----------------------||-----------------------||---4--4--4--7-(10)-----||---4--4--4--7-(10)-----||---2--2--2--5--8^------||-----------------------|
*** That's about it. The really fast guitar parts that you hear throughout the song are and it's just nonsense, so I didn't bother to tab it out, but it's easy to figure out.
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