Ministry - The Mind tab

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
        by Ministry
        All music copyright 1989 Spurburn, BMI
        Tabbed by Tom Mallon

??THIEVES (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker/C. Connelley/K. Ogilvie)??

INTRO/VERSE RIFF pm.......... pm............E |----------------------------------------|B |----------------------------------------|G |.--------------------------------------.|D |.---------------3----------------------.|A |----------------3-----------------------|E |--00000000000---1-------000000000000----|
CHORUS RIFF 1 pm...............E |---------------------|B |---------------------|G |.-------------------.|D |.-------------------.|A |---0-1-0-1-0-1-0-3---|E |---------------------|
CHORUS RIFF 2 pm........E |-----------|B |-----------|G |.---------.|D |.---------.|A |--3-2-1-0--|E |-----------|
(Note: I know this has been posted before, but it didn't sound quite right to me. This is how I play it and it sounds much closer, in my opinion.) ??BURNING INSIDE (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker/W. Rieflin/C. Connelley)??
INTRO RIFF pm.E |----------------------|B |----------------------|G |.--------------------.|D |.--------------------.|A |-----------------x----|E |--x---5---x--x--------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------B --------------------------------------------------------------------------G ---------------------------------------------/8-7-------------------------D ----8-7------8-7------8-7------8-7--7---5----/8-7-8-7---------------------A ----8-7------8-7------8-7------8-7--7---5----/6-5-8-7---------------------E ----6-5------6-5------6-5------6-5--5---3---------6-5---------------------
VERSE 2 (Play VERSE, then play) pm........ pm........ pm........E --------------------------------------------------------------------------B --------------------------------------------------------------------------G ---------------------------------------------------------/8-7-------------D -8-7-----------8-7-----------8-7-----------8-7--7---5----/8-7-8-7---------A -8-7-0-0-0-0-0-8-7-0-0-0-0-0-8-7-0-0-0-0-0-8-7--7---5----/6-5-8-7---------E -6-5-----------6-5-----------6-5-----------6-5--5---3---------6-5---------
(Note: The timing on these two riffs is the same, I just spaced it out to fit those palm-muted A's in.) (Note: For chorus, when Al is screaming "Burning inside!" Play the tail end of the VERSE riff, but sped up.) ??NEVER BELIEVE (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker/C. Connelley)?? VERSE
E |-------------------------|B |-------------------------|G |.-------------------/10-.|D |.-2-----8-\----2----/10-.|A |--2-----8-\----2----/8---|E |--0-----6-\----0---------|
(Note: There is a solo, but I'm not good with those. If anyone can figure it out, please upload it.) ??CANNIBAL SONG (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker/C. Connelley)?? (Note: There is no guitar in this song, just bass, drums, and saxophones. I figured the bass out on a guitar, so it may be a little off. The saxophones are beyond me.)
G |----------------------------|D |.--------------------------.|A |.----------------9--8--9---.|E |--0000000000000-------------|
??BREATHE (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker./W. Rieflin/C. Connelley/K. Ogilvie)??
VERSE pm..E |-------------------------------------|B |-------------------------------------|G |-------------7-------------7---------|D |--2--2-------7----2--2-----7---------|A |--2--2-------5----2--2-----5---------|E |--0--0--0-0-------0--0---------------|
E |-------------------------------|B |-------------------------------|G |.-7---\---3---/---7---\---3---.|D |.-7---\---3---/---7---\---3---.|A |--5---\---1---/---5---\---1----|E |-------------------------------|
??SO WHAT (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker/W. Rieflin/C. Connelley)?? (Note: This was previously posted and sounds absolutely fine, so there is no reason for me to re-type it.) ??TEST (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker/W. Rieflin/K. Lite)?? MAIN RIFF
E |-------------------------------------|B |-------------------------------------|G |.------------/9-9----------------9--.|D |.--5----2----/9-9-----5-5---2----9--.|A |---5----2----/7-7-----5-5---2----7---|E |---3----0-------------3-3---0--------|
E |-----------------------------|B |-----------------------------|G |.---------------------------.|D |.-2--2--2--2-3-2--2--2--2-3-.|A |--2--2--2--2-3-2--2--2--2-3--|E |--0--0--0--0-1-0--0--0--0-1--|
(Note: Play all chords in bridge with a staccato rhythm.) ??FAITH COLLAPSING (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker/W. Rieflin)?? (Note: There is no guitar in this song, just bass, drums, and samples. I figured out the bass on a guitar, so it might be a little off.)
G |-----------------------------------|D |.--2------------------------------.|A |.---------------------------------.|E |-----0-0-0-2-3-2-3-0-0-0-0-2-3-2---|
??DREAM SONG (A. Jourgensen/P. Barker)?? (Note: This song is pretty much all keyboards and drum noises, I couldn't find any guitar to transcribe in it.) That's it. It sounds pretty much correct. The only area where I would say it might be wrong is in "Breathe," because I'm not really sure whether that first chord is an E5 or if it should be a D5, which would necessitate tuning down. I've played it both ways and find it kind of hard to tell the difference. However, that's the only one I'm not sure on. Enjoy.
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