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Minor Threat - (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
Submitted By: Tery
Standard tuning
Hello to Mike-al

Pm= palm mute

This has to be the funkiest Minor Threat song

Got it...

E---------------------------------B---------------------------------G---------------------------------D---------------------------5555--A----2222----5555----7777---3333--E----0000----3333----5555--------- (pm) (pm) (pm)
As it goes back to the 1st riff... the the drums are turned up, Then the bass anD THEN...
And its all based around those riffs... Have fun and keep listening to minor threat I Have Figured Out The Words so here they are: tryin ' a make your mark in society using all the tricks that ya used on me reading all those high fashion magazines the clothes yr wearin girl are causing public ....... i'm not yr stepping stone i i i i i'm not yr stepping stone what happened to the girl that didn' t have no shoes well now yr walking round like yr front page news looking awful careful 'bout the friends you choose (you) won't find me in yr book of losers i'm not yr stepping stone (5 or 6) That Should Be about right Please Rate!!!
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