Minus The Bear – This Aint A Surfin Movie tab


Alright, this is my first tab that I've actually finished.
Minus the Bear in general tends to have the drums play a bit faster then the guitars. 
song in particular has a really slow tempo in the melodies. The intro/verse and chorus 
is very off-tempo in the studio recording.

In the chorus, when I say rake, I mean a slow strum. It should be fast enough so each 
rings clear and induvidually. Then at the end of each strum, cut off the sound with your palm.

Around the middle of the song, the lead guitar does random improv throughout the verses. 
is all done on the key of Bm. I'm pretty sure the minor pentatonic scale is being used.

Hope you guys enjoy this tab. It's one of my favorite songs in MtB.

(/) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato

INTRO / VERSEE|--17----------17----------17------14----------14----------14------|B|------15----------15----------15------15----------15----------15--|G|----------16----------16------------------16----------16----------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------| x6
CHORUS Rake the notes, and cut them off with your palm at the end of each phrase. The playing is not with the tempo here, it tends play on the very end of the beat.E|----------17----------17--14------------------12--14------------------14--|B|------15----------15----------15----------15----------15----------15------|G|--16----------16------------------16--16------------------16--16----------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| x3
BRIDGE - Guitar 2 Other guitar will continue playing the intro riffE|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|--------4--------4-----4--|D|-----7--------7-----------|A|--7--------7--------7-----|E|--------------------------|
REPEAT: INTRO / VERSE Guitar 2 plays a different part here on the last 2 intro/verse repeatsE|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|-----4-------------------4---------------|D|--7-------------------7------------------|A|----------7----7/9------------7--7\5--5--|E|-----------------------------------------|
BREAK Use reverb/delay These are just the fingerings, the strum patterns change pretty much each repeat. Just to the song for the pattern.E|------------------------------|B|--10----10--------------------|G|--7-----7---11--9----11--11---|D|--7-----7---9---7----9---9----|A|------------9---7----9---9----|E|------------------------------|
BREAK cont. tremolo pickE|--17/-B|--17/-G|------|D|------|A|------|E|------| continue with whammy on higher notes for chaos effect
CLOSER play palm muted very slight drag here.
E|--17-- E|--14-- E|--12-- E|------|B|--15-- B|--15-- B|--15-- B|--15--|G|--16-- G|--16-- G|--16-- G|--16--|D|------ D|------ D|------ D|------|A|------ A|------ A|------ A|------|E|------ x8 E|------ x8 E|------ x8 E|------| x8
REPEAT: INTRO / VERSE this is played at a slower tempo REPEAT: CLOSER Continue this pattern until the end, the last time gradually slow down. PLEASE RATE THIS TAB IF YOU ENJOY IT! Feel free to contact me for any additions or comments.
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