Minus The Bear - Spritz Spritz tab


Tap A string with left hand and rest with right hand, Dave Knusdon style

E---- E---- E---- E----|B---- B-17- B-15- B----|G---- G---- G---- G-16-|D-17- x16 D---- x16 D---- x16 D----| x16A--7- A--7- A--7- A--7-|E---- E---- E---- E----|
Repeat Intro First part of chorus: Hold left hand on lower fret, tap and pull off higher fret with right hand
E--15p3--15p3--15p7--15p7--15p8--15p8--15p12--15p12--|B----------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------| x2A----------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------|
E--20p3--20p7--20p8--20p12--20p3--20p7--20p8--20p12--|B----------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------| x2A----------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------|
That's all I got so far. Fun song.
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