Minus The Bear - Pig War tab

This is the CORRECT way to play the intro.  I can't believe some of the idiots on this 
that submit wrong tabs that just make you feel more stupid by trying to play them. played 
Drop D

E-----------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------|G------9---9---9----9-10----10---10-------------| just repeat this...D-------------------------------------12--------|A--7-8---8--------------------------------------|D------------0---0-------10---10----8-----------|
this is the pre-chorus (girl slow down...)
E-----------------------------------------------|A----10----10----10----10-11----11----11----8---|D-----------------------------------------------| this repeats a couple timesG-----------------------------------------------| also...B-----------------------------------------------|D--8----8-----12----12-------10----10----8------|
ENJOY! and if it's not right, or you're not sure, then don't post tabs!!!
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