Miracle Of 86 - Call Off The Cops chords

Call Off The Cops - by Miracle of 86
by Nick
Strum- Bass High Bass High Bass High Down Up Down Up

intro G

G call off the cops
Emtell them i drank too much
Amtell them it's not enough
D7the way we're in love
Gjust hang up the phone
Emtell them it's not that bad
Amcuz they'll never understand
D7the fights that we have
Gi think i'm cracking up
Emthe water pressure's too high
Amthe purple welts along my arms
D7just prove i'm alive
Gand saw too much sun
Emso all of my skin got burned
Amnow i can't sleep at night
D7and all day my stomach hurts
Gbut better me than you
Emyou've got enough to rumble with
Amfresh blood and tourniquets
D7old ghosts and skeletons
G Em Am D7i just hope we bah dah bum settle this.
end on G
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