Mirah – Gone Sugaring tab

The whole song is done in standard tuning with the same chord progression though out.
I split it up into two parts, part 1 is the finger picking part,
and part two is the strumming part.
You can really do what ever you want with the finger picking, or just whatever sounds 
to you :)

G-   320003
C-   x32010
Am-  x02210

here it goes...

PART 1(finger picking):

G,C,Am,C x2

G         C
I'll come back
         Am    C
With the sugar shack
      G     C
Smell in my hair
      Am      C
Train take me there
I'll have eyes
C                  Am
That have seen the wilds
Of Pennsylvania
       G          C Am C
In the winter-time

G      C
Do you believe me when i
Am       C                 G
Say i'll miss you when I'm gone?
It's true
        Am           C
There's no use in denying i'll be
G       C       Am
Tappin' you for more
Suck on my sweet tooth 'til I'm sore

PART 2 (strumming):

          G              C             Am   C
Won't you take me to the twenty-fourth floor
          G            C
Where the air is clear and I can see
    Am            C
The sun is rising in the east
  G             C
I swing my feet recklessly
Am       C              G      C
Over the railing on the balcony
       Am          C  G C
As you kiss me goodbye
       Am          C  G
As you kiss me goodbye
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