Mirah – Special Death tab ver. 2

No copyright infringements here-- I made this for fun. Sorry for any inaccuracies, this 
is my first tab. ENJOY!


AE|------------------------------------------|B|----------2-----------2-----------2-------|G|----2-----------2-----------2-------------|D|-------2-----------2-----------2----------|A|-0-----------------------0-----------3--2-|E|-------------0----------------------------| (Restart from the beginning and repeat for whole song)
Dm A A terrible mistake was made A Dm The weight would break the backs Dm A Of ten strong horses tried to save A Dm The castle in the fray Dm A If you knew A Dm That I could take the pain Dm A Inflicted at the battle A Dm With faithful arrows you Dm A Might get back in the saddle A Dm But it's a special death you saved Dm A For me, the brown-eyed daughter A Dm Once you made it hotter Dm A The thankless, holy praise A Dm Is left alone. Why bother Dm A To cast a stone in water? A Dm La la la la la Dm A La la la la A Dm La la la la la la Dm A La la la la A Dm La la la la la la Dm A La la la la A Dm La la la la la.
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