Miranda Cosgrove - Kissing You chords

CAPO on 3rd FRET!!


C GSparks fly, it's like electricity
Am FI might die when I forget how to breathe
C G Am FYou get closer and there's no where in this world I'd rather be
C GTime stops, and everything around me
Am FIs frozen, and nothing matters but these
C G Am F Few moments when you open my mind to things I've never seen
C G Cuz when I'm kissin U my senses come alive
Am Falmost like the puzzle piece I've been trying to find
C G Amfalls right into place, you're all that it takes
Fmy doubts fade away when I'm kissin' U
C GWhen I'm kissin U it all starts making sense
Am Fand all the questions I've been asking in my head
C G Amlike are you the one, should i really trust
Fcrystal clear it becomes, when I'm kissin U
C GPast loves, they never got very far
Am FWalls up, made sure i guarded my heart
C G Am FAnd I promised I wouldn't do this, till I knew it was right for me
C GBut no one, no guy that I've met before
Am FCould make me feel so right and secure
C G Am FAnd have you noticed I lose my focus? And the world around me disappears
D C D DmI've never felt nothing like this, you're making me open up
D C F G no point even trying to fight this, it kind of feels like it's love
CHORUS the end :) hope this was helpful!
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