Miranda Cosgrove - There Will Be Tears chords

Miranda Cosgrove
There Will Be Tears
Sparks Fly
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: F#

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bbm - x13321
B -   x24442
Ebm - x68876
C# -  x46664
F# -  244322
G#m - 466444

Intro: Bbm-B-Ebm-C#-

Verse 1:
Bbm B I don't know what you expected
Ebm But me to sit around
C#and beg for you to stay
Bbm B Ebm C# Can't you see what you've neglected
Bbm B I don't know what you've been taking
Ebm C# Bbm Do I look like I was born just yesterday?
B Ebm C#You're the one who will be breaking after all
Chorus 1:
Bbm BCause there will be tears
Ebm C#But they're not gonna be mine
Bbm BMy heart will be clear
Ebm C#And my eyes are staying dry
BbmBecause you didn't, you didn't
BThen You wished I'd never go away
EbmI'll just pretend from now
C#I've got a reason to celebrate
Bbm B EbmTears, but they're not gonna be
C# F#-- Not gonna be mine Verse 2:
Bbm B You'll be begging for a shoulder
Ebm You'll be looking for
C# Bbmsomeone to dry your eyes
But you ain't never getting
B Ebm C#over what we had
Bbm B And you'll be crying like a baby
Ebm Cause you thought you'd be
C# Bbmthe one to say goodbye
And I hope it drives
B Ebm C#you crazy oh yeah
(Repear Chorus) Bridge:
B F# You don't know what you got
C#Till it goes away
Ebmgoes away, baby
B F# Anything that you lose
C#You're the one to blame
EbmOne to blame, so save it
B F#Get it, get it can you wish
I'd never go away
C#I'll just pretend from now
EbmI've got a reason to celebrate
G#mThere will be tears, oh yeah
(hold) But they're not gonna be mine (Repeat Chorus)
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