Miranda Cosgrove – Kissin U chords ver. 3

Artist: Miranda Cosgrove
Song: Kissing You
Sparks Fly

This is 100% correct!!!

Tuning: Half Step Down D#G#C#F#A#d#

Chords used:
E - x78887/022100
B - x24442
C#m - x46654
A - 577455/x02220
G#m - 466444

Verse 1:
E Sparks fly
B Its like electricity
C#m I might die
A When I forget
how to breath
E B You get closer and there’s
C#m ANo where in this
world I’d rather be
E Time stops
B Like everything around me
C#m Its frozen
A And nothing
Ematters but these
BFew moments when you
C#m Aopen my mind to things
I’ve never seen Chorus:
E Cause when I’m kissing you
BMy senses come alive
C#m A Almost like the puzzle piece
I’ve been trying to find
E B Falls right into place
C#mYou’re all that it takes
AMy doubts fade away
When I’m kissing you
E When I’m kissing you
BIt all starts making sense
C#m And all the questions
AI’ve been asking in my head
E B Like are you the one
C#mshould I really trust
ACrystal clear it becomes
When I’m kissing you Verse 2:
E Past loves
B They never got really far
C#m Walls of made sure
AI’ve got in my heart
E B C#m And I promise I wouldn’t do this till
AI knew it was right for me
E But no one (no one)
B No guy that I met before
C#m Could make me (make me)
A Feel so right and secure
E B And have you noticed
C#mI lose my focus
AAnd the world around me disappears
(Repeat chorus) Bridge:
B C#m I’ve never felt nothing like this
B G#m You’re making me open up
B C#m No point in even trying to fight this
A B It kinda feels like it’s love
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: E(hold)
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