Miranda Cosgrove - Fyi chords

Miranda Cosgrove
About You Now EP
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: Drop D only
A -   777xxx
E -   222xxx
Em -  222xxx
Bm -  999xxx
D -   000xxx
Dm -  000xxx
F -   333xxx
F#m - 444xxx
G -   555xxx
C -   x355xx
G# -  666xxx

Chords used: for Standard EADGBe
A -   x02220
E -   022100
Em -  022000
Bm -  x24432
D -   xx0232
Dm -  xx0231
F -   133211
F#m - 244222
G -   320033
C -   x32010
G# -  466544

Key: C, A

Intro: Am-Em-F-C-G

Am Em F C G Am Em F F-Y-I
C G Am Em FF-Y-I
C G(For Your Information)
Verse 1:
A E You're a maniac but
it's my decision
Bm D A When I say I'm so so serious
As my heart attack
E caught you in my vision
Bm D Must admit I'm not afraid of us
F#m E Hey you
FI say what I mean
I mean what I
Gsay when I say
CGirls like boys
GWho never want to stay you see
DmAs soon as they walk away
FWe step in their direction
CThat's OK
GWho wants to have some guy
Dmnot I Sticking right by my side
FWe kinda dig rejection
Dm FThis is for your information
Post chorus:
Am Em F C G Am Em F F-Y-I
C G(For Your Information)
Verse 2:
A You're a lunatic
E and you're on a mission
Bm D To corrupt my soul
Aand it's all yours
I've been wanting it
E Mr. Recolission
Bm Cause I'd rather
Drock that's how I roll
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Post chorus) Bridge:
Dm FI wanna be a casualty
AmOver this love
It better be worth it I'd heard that you
Dmgot some tragic times
FTo pierce my heart
Ambut it's only blood
GYou stick on a bandit
And smile like a
G#girlfriend should
Verse 3:
A I'm a little nuts guess
E that's why I like you
Bm Wanna meet me
D Ahalfway let's commit
Maybe both of us
E to the loony bin
Bm Waiting through the
D(hold)bars of this big bus
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) Outro:
Am Em F C G Am Em F F-Y-I
C G(For Your Information)
Am Em F C G Am Em F F-Y-I
C G(For Your Information)
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