Miranda Lambert – Dry Town chords

I Love This Song.  :)

Capo II

EWell the road was hot and flat as a ruler
AGood hundred miles between me and Missoula
BThat vinyl top wasn't gettin' no cooler
ESo I stopped at a quickie sack
EWell, I figured I'd need about a sixth of Miller
AAnd one of those things so I wouldn't spill her
BI asked the girl if the beer was in the back
She said
BIt's a dry town
ENo beer no liquor for miles around
AI'd give a nickel for a sip or two
E To wash me down
B EOutta this dry town
ESo I turn right around, no hesitation
ACursed the laws ruinin' the nation
B Waved goodbye to the boy at the station
EBut she wouldn't go into gear
EHe said it sounds like your transmission
AYou need to Bob, but he's gone fishin'
BHis day off, he gets a long way from here
Cause Chorus Well back home friends you can get a dose of Something strong from your local grocer So I walked down till I got a little closer To a place called Happy Johns He said "I keep something here for colds and fevers Down underneath's where I usually leave her But just last night I felt a cold a comin' on" Chorus
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