Miranda Lambert - White Liar tab

Be careful, it's in DROP D.
CAPO on 3rd.
Tablature made with this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETiVl142AHE

E --------------------------2------------------------0--|B --------------------------3------------------------1--|G --------------------------2-----2-3-2-0------------0--|D -------0-2-4----0------0-----------------4-0-0-2---2--|A --0-2---------0------------------------------------3--|D ------------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------2---------------2---|B ----------------------------------------------3---------------3---|G 0-2-0---------------0-------------------------2---------------2---|D ----------0-2-0-----0-------------------------0---------0----0----|A --------------------2----0-2----2-0----------------0-2------------|D --------------------5------------------0--------------------------|
I Didn't put the strumming but you just have to listen to the song, it's a pretty easy strumming for every chords. PS : 5200XX is a G in drop D. I Hope you like it. Sounds pretty good to me.
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