Miranda Lambert – Nobodys Fool chords

Capo 2

GOne more night 'neath the same neon lights and I'll
C DFind my place at the bar
GOne more down so I buy one more round and I'll
C GTry to drown out my heart
GHe'll walk in and make every head turn and he'll
C DAlways be dressed to kill
GDay I left is my only regret and
C GNow it's become his biggest thrill
GAll my friends'll say 'Hey, don't you know him?"and I'll
C DTry to play it off cool
GWhen they ask I'll just say he's nobody
C D GAnd me well I'm nobody's fool
GWon't take long and he'll find him someone and then
C DPull them out for a dance
GEvery note tell me that's all she wrote
C GAnd reminds me how I missed my chance
GWhen he's done he'll have a little more fun and he'll
C GLet her act like she's smooth
GAs they walk out well I'm learning about
C GWhat it is to have nothing to lose
C D GOh and me well I'm nobody's fool
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