Miranda Lambert – Same Old You chords ver. 2

Some of the spacing is off- it just won't stay put when I try to post it!  This is my 
first, feedback is welcome - I'm learning all the time!

GSo here you are
GIn your borrowed car
GKicking rocks around
G7 CLooking at your shoes
GIt's the same old you
GTell me where you been
GAnd where you're going to
GWhere were you last night
G G7 C (Am?)Boy listen up when I'm talking to you
Am GIt's the same old you
DAnother lonely night
C GWith that same old whiskey morning
CIt's the same old you
CWhen you get to drinking
GThe same old you
GWhen you're on the town
CThe same old you
CIn church on Sunday
D D7Getting high when the sun goes down
GWell this time I done some thinking
CAnd I think I'm done with you
D D7Cause until I get to leaving
C GIt's just the same old me too
GWell your mama's gonna cry her eyes
G7 CThere ain't gonna be no wedding day
GWhat's she gonna say?
When I tell her how I had no choice
G7The same old you couldn't even raise your voice
CAnd ask me to stay
GI wouldn't anyway
DSo you can keep your ring
C GAnd I'll keep my daddy's name
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