Misc Cartoons – Fullmetal Alchemist - Brothers tab

Left handed
This 100% right

Play Dm/c and Bbmaj7 like this:

Dm/C Bbmaj7e|----1------------1-------------------|B|----3------------3-------------------|G|----2------------2-------------------|D|----x------------3-------------------|A|----3------------1-------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
Intro Dm Dm/C BbMaj7 Dm/C x2 Verse 1: Dm G Dm how can i repay you brother of mine Dm C F A how can i expect you to forgive Dm G Dm clinging throught the past i shared our blood C Dm and shattered you're chance to live Dm G Dm though i knew the laws i paid no heed C F A how can i return your wasted breath Dm G Dm what i did not know had cost you dear C Dm for there is no cure for death Chorus: F G F G beautiful mother soft and sweet F G Bb C once you were gone we were not complete F G F G back through those years we've reached for you F G A alas was not meant to be Bb C F Bb C F and how can i make amends for all i have took from you G Am Bb G Am Dm i led you with hopless dreams my brother i was a fool Fill in: Dm G Dm G Dm G Bb Am Dm Bb C Dm Verse 2: Dm G Dm don't cry about the past now brother of mine Dm C F A neither you are I are free from plaque Dm G Dm nothing can erase the things we done C Dm for the path we took was the same Ending: Dm Dm/C BbMaj7 Dm/C G Am Dm
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