Misc Cartoons – South Park - Queef Free tab

Hey everyone!

After watching the brilliant episode of south park called Eat-Pray-Queef, I fell in love 
the song "Queef Free" with all the guys from SP.

So I scoured the internet for tabs, finding none at all. I've been playing guitar for 
six years, but I've never tabbed a song before, as I'm too lazy.

Nonetheless, this song sounded hella easy to play so I decided to give it a go. If I 
mistakes please correct me. If you like it, feel free to thank me. If you think I'm sexy, 
me a call.

Note that I wrote the chords above the words which are sung at the moment of the chord 
It might not be totally accurate, but I think it's helpful.

Standard Tuning, all that shit.

"South Park - Queef Free."

F					    Bb      C     F
There’s a time in out lives, when we must listen to the oppressed
      Bb				   C
And realize that we’ve been keeping women down

They have power and they have courage
And we must all stand by the belief
             Bb					  C
That a woman is strong, and she has the right to queef

     F  C
Fly free
Free to queef aloud
F    Bb
Fly free
            Eb                    C
Let every queef show that you’re proud

     C				       Bb          (Eb maybe? otherwise stay in Bb)
You face so many challenges to put an end to your grief
          Bb            Eb      Bb       F
You’re a woman now and you are free to queef

   G#            Eb               Bb
It’s time for equality — we must give them the respect they deserve
  G#                      Eb                                  
They’re just the same as you and me — their rights must be preserved

      F  C
Queef free (Queef free)
Every woman has the right
  F    Bb
Queef free (Queef free)
           Eb                   C
Let your queefing stars shine bright

          F              C
You are woman, hear you roar (Queef free)
Queefing too loud to ignore
          F                  Eb      Bb          F
Queef a little each day and let your soul take flight

Eb      Bb
Queef free

Feel free to contact me at lassebundgaard42@gmail.com with comments or corrections. 
check out my band at www.myspace.com/violmace. I play lead guitar and do some vocals as well.

Rock on, and remember, if you don't like ac/dc, you are a bad person.

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