Misc Cartoons - Underdog Theme chords

There are two parts to the intro, easiest way to play them at the same time is with two people

Intro part Ae|-----------------|B|-----------------|D|----------1-0----|G|----2-3------3---|A|-3---------------|E|-----------------|(repeat x4)
Intro part Be|-8----0--1--4--8-9-8|B|------------------------|D|------------------------|G|------------------------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|(Play twice after 2nd repetition of intro A on another guitar)
Verse 1:
Fm CWhen criminals in this world appear and break the laws that they should fear
C7 Fm BbmAnd frighten all who see or hear the cry goes out for far and near for
Fm Ebm Fm EbmUnderdog (underdog) Underdog (underdog)
Fm G# Fm G#Speed of lighting, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob or plunder
C C7 Fm Bbm FmUnderdog (ooh ooh ooh) Underdog (underdog)
This chord progression is repeated throughout the whole song, except the ending which goes like this:
Fm G# Fm G#Now unleash the dog of wonder, tearing evil souls asunder
C C7 C# C#7Underdog (bow-wow) Oh what a wonder-dog (and how)
C C7 Fm Bbm7 FmNow here’s the epilogue (ooh) Underdog (underdog)
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