Transformers Theme tab with lyrics by Misc Cartoons - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Cartoons – Transformers Theme tab

I spent about half an hour or so just working out
everything for this as I noticed there wasnt
any tabs for this that were actually anything
like the theme when i tried playing it.

This is my 1st Tab so hope you enjoy it and give it a good rating :)

e ---------------------------------------------------------------------|B ---------------------------------------8-10-11-8----8-10---------8---|G ---7---9-10-----7---9-10-----7-9-10-10-----------10------10-9-10---9-|D ------------------------7-8------------------------------------------|A ---------------------------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------------------------|
e ------------||B ------------||G -7-6-9-7-7--||D ------------||A ------------||E ------------||
and repeat
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