Misc Cartoons - Pokemon - We Will Be Heroes - Season 11 Theme chords version 1

Tuning: StandardI think it sounds better to play the chords like this:|---|----|----|---|-5--|----||---|----|----|---|-6--|----||-8-|----|----|---|-7--|-10-||-8-|-8--|-10-|-6-|-7--|-10-||-6-|-8--|-10-|-6-|-5--|-8--||---|-6--|-8--|-4-|----|----|
E5 Bb5 C5 G#5 Dm F5
E5On the road
Far from home
Bb5But you don't have to feel alone
C5Brave and strong
G#5Together we will be
Bb5It's our destiny
F5 C5 Bb5We will be heroes
Dm Bb5 C5We can change the world if we try
F5 C5 Bb5I go where you go
Dm Bb5 C5Forever friends you and I
F5 Bb5 C5 We will be heroes
Bb5 C5 F5Battle Dimension, Pokemon!
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