Misc Cartoons – Avatar The Last Airbender - Tale Of Two Lovers Secret Tunnel tab

Title: Tale Of Two Lovers (Secret Tunnel)
Arist: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Tabbed by: iborn4music
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Hey guys I noticed the other tab was pretty much spot on,
but I thought a couple of chords should be a little different,
and my tab describes the way the chords are played much more
accurately. If you have any questions, comments, or corrections
feel free! Thanks and enjoy the song! :)


A   E   Em    C#m    A*    D*    Fm
0   0	0     4      5     5     1
2   0	0     5      5     7     1
2   1	0     6      6     7     1
2   2	2     6      7     7     3
0   2	2     4      7     5     3
x   0	0     x      5     x     1

The song is played by playing the root note (lowest note)
of the chord, then strumming, then playing the open string
next to the lowest string (even though its fretteted normally
in the chord), and strumming again. The pattern repeats itself.
Here's an example:

Ae |------0-------0---------------------------------------|B |------2-------2---------------------------------------|G |------2-------2---------------------------------------|D |------2---0---2---------------------------------------|A |--0---0-------0---------------------------------------|E |------------------------------------------------------|
Since some people find it easier to just do a hammer on, since you take the 1st finger off for picking the open string, then back on for the chord. It's optional if you like. Like this:
Ae |------0---------0-------------------------------------|B |------2---------2-------------------------------------|G |------2---------2-------------------------------------|D |------2---0h2---2-------------------------------------|A |--0---0---------0-------------------------------------|E |------------------------------------------------------|
Then for the E chord the strumming (without the hammer on) goes like this:
Ee |------0-------0---------------------------------------|B |------0-------0---------------------------------------|G |------1-------1---------------------------------------|D |------2-------2---------------------------------------|A |------2---0---2---------------------------------------|E |--0---0-------0---------------------------------------|
E minor goes the same way, except its Em, so the 1st fret isnt played. Here's the lyrics/chords: A Two lovers forbidden from one another A E A war divides their people E A And a mountain divides them apart Em C#m Built a path to be together "And I forget the next couple of lines but then it goes" A* Secret tunnel D* Secret tunnel D* Through the mountain E A* Secret secret secret secret TUNNEL! ....yeah. The C#m doesnt get any special picking, just a short strum. And all the chords from thenceforth are strumming. Later on, he remembers the rest of the song (I have not clue how its supposed to fit in haha), its very simple it goes like this: Fm And die.......... Just one strum, let it ring. Anyways that's it. Thanks guys! h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend string up r - release bend / - slide up \ - slide down v - vibrato (sometimes written as ~) x - mute
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