Misc Cartoons - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Komm Sasser Tod chords

This is a really nice song. Had a lot of fun working this one out. Enjoy, feel 
free to comment, there is likely to be a couple mistakes as this is my first tab upload 

Intro Bb F Gm Dm Eb Bb Cm7 F7

Bb F GmI know, I know I 've let you down
Dm EbI 've been a fool to myself
Bb Cm7 F7I thought that I could live for no one else
Bb F GmBut now through all the hurt and pain
Dm EbIt's time for me to respect
Cm7 F7 F Bbthe ones you love mean more than anything
Bb FSo with sadness in my heart
Cm C(I) feel the best thing I could do
Eb it's end it all
F7 G# Fand leave forever
Bb FWhat's done is done it feel so bad
Cm Cwhat once was happy now is sad
BbI'll never love again
Eb Fmy world is ending
[same chords as verse 1] I wish that I could turn back time cos now the guilt is all mine can't live without the trust from those you love I know we can't forget the past you can't forget love and pride because of that, it's killing me inside
Bb F CmIt all returns to nothing,
Dmit all comes tumbling down,
Ebtumbling down,
Bbtumbling down
F CmIt all returns to nothing,
I just keep,
Dmletting me down,
Ebletting me down,
Bbletting me down
G#mIn my heart of hearts
C#mI know I could never love again
F EbI've lost everything, everythin
Feverything that matters to me matters in this world
repeat chorus
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