Misc Cartoons – Lion King - Love Will Find A Way chords

First tab, I hope its right, leave a comment if it needs any corrections etc. :)

FIn a perfect world
Dm One we've never known
C Dm Gm We would never need to face the world alone
FThey can have the world
DmWe'll create our own
Gm DmI may not be brave or strong or smart
Bb C But somewhere in my secret heart
F C DmI know love will find a way
C BbAnywhere I go
CI'm home
F CIf you are there beside me
F C DmLike dark turning into day
C BbSomehow we'll come through
CNow that I've found you
FLove will find a way
AI was so afraid
F#mNow I realise
ELove is never wrong
F#m BmAnd so it never dies
AThere's a perfect world
F#mShining in your eyes
Bm F#mAnd if only they could feel it too
D EThe happiness I feel with you
A E F#mThey'd know love will find a way
E DAnywhere we go
EWe're home
A D EIf we are there together
A E F#mLike dark turning into day
E BmSomehow we'll come through
ENow that I've found you
C#mLove will find a way
C#m Bm E AI know love will find a way
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