Misc Cartoons - Rapunzel Theme tab

This song is the new single from Drapht's yet to be released new album.
Thanks to supersimon on the triple j messageboards for the main riff.
Apparently the sample is a from the song by The Heirs called Don't You Love Me.

Guitar part
This starts and stops at different parts of the song, listen for the timing.

e ----------------------------------------------|B -----7--------10------------12-----------10---|G -----7--------10------------12-----------10---|D -----7---x----10-----x------12-----x-----10---|A -5--------8-----------10-------------8------x-|E ----------------------------------------------|
Variation 1e ----------------------------------------------|B -----7--------10------------------------------|G -----7--------10------------------------------|D -----7---x----10------------------------------|A -5--------8-----------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------------|
Variation 2 (miss the first root d note)e ----------------------------------------------|B -----7--------10------------12-----------10---|G -----7--------10------------12-----------10---|D -----7---x----10-----x------12-----x-----10---|A ----------8-----------10-------------8------x-|E ----------------------------------------------|
I think playing this on bass works well with it
G --------------------------|D --------------------------|A --------------------------|E -10--10-13--13-15--15-13--|
G --------------------------|D --------------------------|A --------------------------|E -10--10-13--13----15-13---|
First tab so i hope its good. Enjoy
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