Misc Cartoons - Regular Show - Party Tonight tab

Title: Party Tonight
Writer: Sean Szles
Performers: Mordecai & The Rigbys
Cartoon Network's REGULAR SHOW created by J.G. Quintel
Tabbed by: ME (MrkCmblz)

Hey guys, this is my first tab and I decided to make one since I can't find any 
known tabs for this song! So I listened to the song a couple of times, slowed it 
down to get every note, and I played along with the song. Search for my videos on 
youtube (username: dazzitboy), I play exactly what you see here and I posted the 
tabs on the description boxes too. It's not perfect but I had go with it and had 
fun in the process. ENJOY!


Intro:|-----------||-----------||-----7-----| Play 2X|-----7-----| USE HEAVY DISTORTION FOR THE INTRO,|-----5-----| VERSES, AND THE CHORUS|-----------|
ALTERNATE PICKING|----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------||--7-------------------------------------------------||-----10--7--10--7-----------------------------------| Repeat this about 7 or 8 times|----------------------10--8--7---------------7------| (Listen to the song and play along to see)|----------------------------------10--8--10---------|
and play this note after the above riff...
|----------||----------||----------||----------||----------||---10-----| Let ring.
There are two other guitars that harmonize on the track (you can also use one guitar with the delay effect or a loop pedal, or even a harmonizer, to achieve the harmonizing guitars) but it's up to you to figure out the other two. BRIDGE Try to figure out the progression with the chords, play along with the song and you’ll get the rhythm
* = strum/gallop with the rhythm/ \ = Slide|pm| = Palm Mute |-----------------------------------|-------------------------------||-----------------------------------|-------------------------------||-----7----------------7------\5----|----------------------7---5----||-----7 ---------------7------\5----|---3--------/8--------7---5----| Play two times|-----5-5-5-5-5*-------5------\3----|---3--------/8--------5---3----||-----------------------------------|---1-1-1*---/6-6-6*------------| |---pm---| |pm| |pm|
* = strum along with the rhythm "party to- night -ight|----------------------|-----------------------------||----------------------|-----------------------------||---3*----2*-----7*----|-----------5*----5---3-------||---3-----2------7-----|----3*-----5-----5---3-------| Play two times|---1-----0------5-----|----3------3-----3---1-------||----------------------|----1------------------------|
|-------------------------||-------------------------||-----------5*----5---3---||----3*-----5-----5---3---| Play this again after|----3------3-----3---1---| the second time^^|----1--------------------|
Bridge (before the solo) - CLEAN WITH
|----------------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------------||---7---9-10-9--7--9---9----17-15-17---15-14-15--14-15-17--19-17-12----||----------------------------------------------------------------------| Play this twice|----------------------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Do the verse and chorus again. I'm not sure about the solo, just improvise. Thank you.
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