Misc Cartoons - Phineas And Ferb - Were Watching And Waiting chords

Phineas and Ferb - We're watching and waiting
From the episode "Don't even blink"

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Play the chords exactly like this (especially A/F#):
Am7:  002010
A/F#: xx4210
Am:   002210
C:    032010
F:    133211
B7:   224242
E:    022100

Intro: Am7   A/F#   (4x)

Am7 A/F#We're watchin' and we're waitin',
Am7 A/F#On the edge of our seats, anticipatin'.
Am CIt's looking awful permanent,
A/F# F B7 EBut we know it could go away-ay-ay.
Am CWe're keeping our eyes peeled, keeping 'em glued to the spot.
Am C'Cause one moment it's there but then the next maybe not.
Am CDon't know if it's magic or some deep cosmic plot,
Am CSo we're watchin' and we're waitin'.
Am C A/F# F
Am CWe're starin' and we're glarin' 'til our corneas burn.
Am CWe hope it will stay for the rest of the day 'til our Mama returns.
Am C A/F# F B7 ESo don't even think about blinking or it just might go away.
Am7 A/F#So we're watchin' and waitin'.
Am7 A/F#So we're watchin' and waitin'.
Am7 A/F#Yeah we're watchin' and waitin'.
Am7We're watchin'.
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