Misc Cartoons – Shaman King Theme chords ver. 2

Couldn't find it anywhere so i transcribed it out for ya ;)

The guitar line tabs are according to a NO CAPO guitar.. i think it's easier to play 
while reading this way

here's a link to the intro:
CAPO 1st Fret

GLook around you, Look beyond
AmYou could make an unbreakable bond
C GThe world around is not what it seems
DmSouls revealed beyond your wildest dream
FSo many things I never could see
GSo many choices falling on me
F C GCould it be my destiny
To be shaman
Am GShaman king
To be shaman
Am GShaman king
F GIf you're spirit is strong
You could be the one
Am G Dm Ame| ----------9-8--------------8-9-11---9-8-9-8----|B| 11----9------9------------------------------11-|G| ---------------8-10----------------------------|D| -----------------------------------------------|A| -----------------------------------------------|E| -----------------------------------------------|
FI can look at the world In a different light
GI know what it takes To make it right
F C GAnd I won't give up the fight
To be shaman
Am G AmShaman King
------------------- you're all welcome :) (Shachar)
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