Misc Cartoons – My Little Pony Friendship Is Witchcraft - The Sleep Song chords

The Sleep Song 
My Little Pony: Frienship is Witchcraft
Hope you like it! 


G D G D GI am not messing up the covers.
G D G D G D GSli-ding in so I don't have to wrinkle all the sheets.
D G D GMaking sure the quilt stays nice and clean.
G C GHave you ever seen a bed so neat?
G G D DI'm getting into bed.
G D G D GSleep, sleep, sleep. Time to go to sleep now.
G D G D C D GIt is night. Time to go to sleep while it is dark.
G C D GI am really tired, time for sleep, now,
C D C GTired, tired tired, sleep sleep sleep.
G D DI'm getting into bed.
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