Misc Cartoons – My Little Pony Friendship Is Witchcraft - Pinkies Brew chords

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Intro: C G Em C D G

G D C GI'll cook up a solution with the knowledge I've accrued.
G D Am EmThey say a kitch-en time saves nine, but I'm just saving two.
Em Am F E7I've gathered the ingredients to make some time sorbet.
E7 Am F DThere's hardly room for seconds when the seconds melt away.
G Watch as I work my gypsy magic.
EmEye of a newt and cinnamon.
GWatch as the matter turns to batter-
C D GOpen the portal, jump in!
C GCrude stew, do you fear it Apple Bloom?
Em Am EmSometimes life is not a cake walk, served up on a silver spoon.
CToss a fig and save the date and
G Gbread and butter, chant and mutter,
Em E7marination, incantation,
C Amchocolate icing, timeline splicing,
D D7yeast is rising, rectifying
( G Em G C D G) (verse 2)
G D C GPinkie if you're hearing this it means we're dead and gone.
G D Am EmPlease don't bake a portal; just accept it and move on.
Em Am F E7My cauldron is preheated and I've got you in my thrall.
E7 Am F DLet's beat these yolks and save my folks by baking the fourth wall!
GWatch as I work my gypsy magic!
EmSeapony tears and provolone!
GGod help the outcast with her witchcraft.
C D GSomeday I'm gonna go home!
G C D G Someday, I'm gonna go home!!!
From My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft- Episode 4 I do not own MLP, nor do I own MLP FiW.
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