Misc Cartoons – Rango Theme chords


Em G EmFrom out of the dust came a man true and bold
Em G EmChampion of the fandango
C Em Am EmBy night he drank whiskey, by day killed bad men
C D Em And the townspeople knew him as Rango
Em G EmComing down the mountainside the people hailed his name
Em G EmAnd of his legend they sang-o
C Em Am EmWith iron in his heart, steal in his claw
C D EmHe pumped their heads all full'a lead, Rango
C Em Am Em DRango, Rango, Rango, Rango-o-o-o
Em G Em A ladies man indeed from his head down to his knee
Em G EmRango was doing the tango
C Em Am EmBut in came Bad Bill from his hideout in the hill
C D EmWith a notion to kill Rango
(chorus) (instrumental break) (repeat chorus)
Em GNow Rango, he is gone
G EmBut his legend still lives on
Em G EmIn the brothels and saloons of Durango
C EmHe lived as he died
Am EmWith a six gun at his side
C And all the ladies cried
DFor Rango
(chorus) Thanks for reading! :D
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