Misc Cartoons - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Winter Wrap Up tab

Tuned to Drop C# (all strings a half step down, 6th string dropped a whole step from there.)

      D                E             F#m         G
Three months of winter coolness, and awesome holidays...

   Bm                A                  F#               G
We kept our hoovsies warm at home, time off from work to play...

        F#m                  G                   Bm                 A
But the food we've stored is running out, and we can't grow in this cold...

    F#m           G                   Bm                A
And even though I love my boots, this fashion's getting old...

In the finger-picked verse, I hold my middle and ring finger in a partial D-shape,
and I use my thumb to hit the notes at the 2nd fret.

Verse 1:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------3--------3------------3--------3------------3---------3-----------3---------3------|---------2--------2------------2--------2------------2---------2-----------2---------2----|----0---------0-----0-----0---------0-----0-----0----------0-----0-----0---------0-----0--|----------------------------------------------2---------0---------------------------------|-0----------2----------4----------5---------------------------------4---------5-----------|
Chorus: D G A Winter Wrap Up, winter wrap up! Let's finish our holiday cheer! D G A (once) Winter Wrap Up, winter wrap up! 'cause tomorrow spring is here! Verse 2: D Em F#m G Bringing home the southern birds, a pegasus' job begins Bm A F#m G And clearing all the gloomy skies, to let the sunshine in Bm A D G We move the clouds, and we melt the white snow Bm A D G When the sun comes out, its warmth and beauty will glow (Chorus) (Verse 1) (Chorus with clapping. It is optional to play here. There is no guitar here in the recording) Bridge: Bm A F#m G No easy task to clear the ground, plant our tiny seeds Bm A F#m G With proper care, and sunshine, everyone it feeds F#m G Bm A Apples, carrots, celery stalks, colorful flowers too! F#m G A We must work so very hard, it's just so much to do! (Chorus) Bridge 2: THE RECKONING (strum each chord once) D E F#m G Now that I know what they all do, I have to find my place Bm A F#m G And help with all of my heart, tough tasks ahead I face Bm A F#m G How will I do without my magic, help the earth pony way Bm A F#m G Bm A I want to belong so I must, do my best today, do my best today... (Chorus) (First part of intro, then Bm, A, D)
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