Misc Cartoons - Aladdin 2 - Nothing Like A Friend chords

Am E7I parachuted down into the Taj Mahal
I rollerbladed along the great Great Wall! I even made the famous Leaning Tower fall,
F GBut who was with me through it all? Nobody!
Am E7The Moscow Circus hired me to fly trapeze
On Mount Olympus,ran a race with Hercules It's easy when you're chased by killer bees!
F GWho said "geshundheit" when I sneezed? *ACHOO*
CSo now I'm home,
E7 AmHome again with you,
C FYou chase the clouds away
C GWhenever I am blue (You're always blue!)
CAnd though the pyramids,
E7 AmI highly recommend
F GThere is nothing in the world
CQuite like a friend!
Am E7Slept like a babe in Bombay in a bed of nails
Moroccans love my daring Dance of Seven Veils I single-handedly I even saved the whales!
F GNo one was there to hear my tales!
Am E7In Acapulco, joined a Mariachi band
I rode the ragin' rapids down the Rio Grande Flew in a air balloon, but when I tried to land
F GNobody laughed, or lent a hand
Am E7Without you, the Amazon is just a trickle
Without you, the Sahara's not so hot Without you, Niagara Falls Is just a leaky faucet
F GThe QE2 Is just some yacht
CNow that I'm home,
E7 AmHome again, it's clear,
C FAll I ever wanted
C GSeems to be right here
CI've traveled East and West
E7 AmAnd now, I'm back again
F GThere is nothing in the world
C C7Quite like a friend...
F G(There's nothing in the world)
C Am(Nothing in the whole wide world)
F GThere is nothing in the world
CQuite like a frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!
G C Nothing in the whole wide world!
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