Misc Cartoons – Spongebob Squarepants - I Wrote This Song chords

Here's a really funny and dumb song from the oh so wonderful cartoon, Spongebob
Squarepants. This song is from the season 5 episode "Sing a Song of Patrick". In this episode,
Patrick Star pays a band to perform and record his song. This results in the death of 
the band after they record it, because it was so bad. So let's get playing!

I'm honestly just guessing these chords. Even if they aren't accurate (which they
probably aren't), they sound great and are easy to sing along with.

-Standard Tuning-

-No Capo-

-Chords Are Played As Follows-
G: 320003
C: x32010
D: xx0232


[Verse 1]
G C G CTwinkle Twinkle Patrick Star,
G C G CI made myself a sandwich.
G C G CMy mommy named it Fred.
G C G CIt tastes like beans and bacon,
G C DAnd smells like its been dead.
(D) GWriting stuff is hard,
C G CSo I use a pointy pencil.
G CPointy, pointy, pointy,
G CPointy, pointy, point.
G D (Let ring for a few seconds where the drum solo would be)P-U what's that horrible smell?
G CI have a head,
G CIt ends in a point.
G CPointy, pointy, pointy,
G CPointy, pointy, point.
[Verse 1]
G CThis song is over,
G CExcept for this line:
G CYou win this round,
D C GBroccoli!
[End on G]
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