Misc Cartoons – Adventure Time - Evicted Song chords

(The House Hunting Song)
tabbed by DaFerra

Capo 1

C: x32010
G: 32003x
Fmaj7: x33210
Am: x02210

C G Fmaj7 Finn and Jake Set out to find a new home
C G Fmaj7 CBut is gonna be tough For a kid and a dog on there own
G Fmaj7There a little house Ah Finn's sticking his foot in
C G Fmaj7 Well that's a bad idea dude, cuz now that bird thinks you're a jerk Finn
C G Now they're chillin on the side of a hill
Am FmajThinking living in a cloud would be totally thrillin
C G Less they find something inside
Am Fmaj7Like a mean cloud man and his beautiful cloud bride
C G Am Fmaj7 Behive oh no! Don't put your foot in there guy
C G Am Fmaj7 Y'all tried that before and you know it didn't turn out right.
Am Fmaj7 Big Shell Go inside Look around it seems alright
C GFrog jumps out AH its a tiger throwin down potions for food and fire
Am G Fmaj7 You know you should have stayed And fought that sexy vampire lady
Am G Fmaj7But Jake was feeling terrified and super scared of her vampire bite
Am G Fmaj7 Which is understandable cuz vampires are really powerful
Am G Fmaj7 they're unreasonable and burnt out on dealing with mortals
C G Am Fmaj7 Oh Marceline Why are you so mean?
C G Am Fmaj7 I'm not mean I'm thousand years old and I just lost track of my moral code
C G Am Fmaj7 Oh Marceline, can't you see these guys are in pain?
C G Am Fmaj7 No I can't, I'm invested in this really cute video game~
C G Am Fmaj7 There go are boys walkin on the icy ground
C G Am Fmaj7 G C Headin towards thier destiny I'm sure they'll figure some--thing out
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