Reflection chords with lyrics by Misc Cartoons - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Cartoons – Reflection chords

Song: Reflection 
Movie: Mulan

Put the capo on 2nd fret to be exact with movie

ELook at me
C#m F#mI will never pass for a perfect bride
E BOr a perfect daughter
Ecan it be
C#m DI'm not meant to play this part?
GNow I see
Em AmThat if I were truly to be myself
Cm GI would break my family's heart
G EmWho is that girl I see
D C CmStaring straight back at me
G D Em AmWhy is my reflection
C F DSomeone I don't know
G EmSomehow I cannot hide
D C CmWho I am though I tried
G D Em AmWhen will my reflection show
Cm EmWho I am inside
G D Em AmWhen will my reflection show
Cm GWho I am inside
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