Misc Cartoons – Hellsing - Shi-kuretto Karuma Serenade Acoustic Passage tab

Hellsing  -  Shi-kuretto Karuma Serenade (Secret Karma Serenade) acoustic passage

from the anime series Hellsing (Herushingu)

tabbed by Panos "Lhorkan" M.  http://lhorkan.deviantart.com

Acoustic guitar
standard tuned

I've searched for this tab on the net, but couldn't find anything...So I decided to tab 
myself :D ...I think it's a pretty decent effort

The best part of a brilliant piece by Yusushi Ishii, composer of the anime Hellsing's music

This is the acoustic part of the song that comes in 1:25 of the OST version

LR: let ring

triplet triplet /-----\ /-----\--------------------||E||---4----------4------------------------4----------4--------------------------||B||----------5------7--5--7------4---7-----------5------7--5--7-----------------||G||*------6-------------------5---------------6------------------------------*--||D||*-------------------------------------------------------------------------*--||A||---4-----------------------------------4-------------------------------------||E||-----------------------4-----------------------------------4-----------------|| LR LR LR LR LR
repeat a bunch of times :) I have this in guitar pro format too, but submitting it to mysongbook.com would be pointless coz they banned tabs there :( (and also coz the tab is too short :D) If you send me an e-mail, I'll be happy to send it to you Any comments or questions, feel free to contact me :)
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